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Aluminum Fence Panels – Premium


This kit will provide you with a 6′ wide by 6′ high Aluminum fence panel. Please see details below for materials included. Add an Aluminum Gate to your order.

The following is included in each Aluminum Fence Panel:

  • 1pc 10′ Aluminium post

  • 1pc Post cap

  • 2pcs 6’ Aluminum side rails and covers.

  • 14pcs Aluminum Fence Boards


What are Aluminum fence panels? – Aluminum Fencing Canada

For years, garden fences have been made out of hardwood and even metal, but studies and anecdotes have shown that such materials come along with a series of disadvantages, despite their looks. 

In recent times, the market has seen an increased demand for aluminum fencing Canada, thanks to their numerous benefits. Before discussing the main advantages brought forth by this material, it’s important to point out that aluminum fencing is normally made up of a mixture that includes wood and plastic. Most of the time, the materials are recycled, thereby making these fences more eco-friendly when compared to metal and pure wood alternatives. By combining wood and plastic, aluminum fence manufacturers obtain products that are not only good-looking, but also much sturdier. 

The next section of the article will focus on outlining the main advantages that a garden owner will obtain by going for composite fencing.

Highlighting the benefits:

  • Perfect choice for eco-friendly homeowners 

Since aluminum fencing seldom needs maintenance or panel replacements, trees won’t have to be cut down to make adjustments or repairs. 

  • Pass the test of time

Durability represents one of the key advantages for aluminium fence panels. In fact, we provide multi-year warranty on our fences. Such guarantees help customers rest assured that they won’t have to pay out-of-pocket in case anything goes wrong. 

  • Exquisite protection against the elements

Almost no amount of rain, snow, or hail will damage the structural integrity or looks our aluminum fencing. While damaging elements like moulding or rotting can affect hardwood fences, our aluminum fences are known for their considerable resistance. 

  • No need to carry out scheduled maintenance

Unlike hardwood or metal alternatives, aluminum fence panels do not entail a need to undergo scheduled maintenance. As such, wood treatments, colour staining, and other such practices are not a necessity. In most cases, aluminum fences look brand new for a substantial number of years. 

  • Oftentimes cheaper than hardwood fence panels

Sure, aluminum fence panels are almost always more costly when compared to softwood alternatives, but such choices come along with disadvantages. However, aluminum fences are certainly cheaper than hardwood options. 

  • Very easy to install without help from professionals 

Customers planning to save money should know that they do not necessarily require the service of professionals to install aluminum fence panels. 

The average cost of aluminum fencing

Prices tend to vary depending on the style and manufacturing quality of aluminum fence panels. Generally, premium aluminum fence kits can be found for a little as $589. View our gallery for more pictures!

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